Last update: 17.05.2019

Layman’s report, publication and documentary of the project

An illustrated Layman’s report was prepared at the end of the project, containing basic information on the LIFE+ project DVIETE,  its actions and achievements. The report is available for reading and downloading here.

Report on floodplain restoration, prepared within the LIFE+ project, is available here.

Documentary “Dviete - the Land of Floods” was shot by the team of project partner Elm Media during the project. The film tells the story of natural values and processes in the Dviete floodplain, its history and management during different times and of the LIFE+ project activities. The film includes materials of aerial filming of Dviete floodplain during spring floods of 2011 and 2013 and in summer and autumn 2015, after  restoration of natural meanders of Dviete. The running time of the film is 45 minutes.


Final meeting of the steering group of the project

The last public event of the LIFE+ project DVIETE - expanded final meeting of the steering group - took place on September 29. Participants of the group as well as other stakeholders were invited.

The meeting took place in Riga, Latvian Museum of Natural History, and it had 26 participants. Project team reported on project results: Edmunds Račinskis, project manager, gave a presentation on habitat restoration and management actions in Dviete floodplain, Ilze Priedniece informed on information and awareness raising activities and Zaiga Brača - on the financial part of the project.


Final seminar of the LIFE+ project DVIETE

The final seminar of the LIFE+ project DVIETE (2010-2015) took place on September 25 in Bebrene. The event started in Bebrene manor (secondary school), where project team reported on project achievements - Edmunds Račinskis, project manager, informed about the results of habitat restoration and management actions, Ilze Priedniece gave a presentation on information and awareness raising activities and Zaiga Brača told about financial part and impact of the project on local economy. Afterwards the partners of the project - film studio Elm Media - demonstrated documentary film „Palu zeme Dviete" (it was the first run) and project team thanked partners and supporters.


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